Zen PRO Whole Body Vibration and Powervibe Motion Machines

The science behind Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has been around for over 40 years, and the effects of WBV are remarkable. Power Vibe utilizes vertical, oscilating, and elliptical vibration to provide the right machine for the right results.

For post menopausal woman, and people suffering from osteoporosis, WBV has shown to help increase bone density. WBV will also help people with poor flexibility and helps improve circulation. Whole Body Vibration helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins.

WBV as a fitness routine helps improve muscle strength by contracting the muscles 20 to 50 times per second, which in turn will also give postitive cardio effects. For people with injuries, WBV will enhance rehabilitation by increasing blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body.

Vibration exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet will aid in accelerating weight loss and leads to increases in energy, improves relaxation, enhances wellness and enhances detoxification.

Effective Integrated Healthcare uses whole body vibration as part of a treatment plan to get our patients feeling better, sooner.



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