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SpiderTech Kinesiotaping On The BackWhat is SpiderTech kinesiotaping?

SpiderTech offers pre-cut, ready to apply applications for different areas of the body including the shoulder, elbow, wrist/hand, low back, midback (posture), neck, hip, knee, ankle and foot.This type of taping offers the continuous care necessary to reduce discomfort and swelling. It also helps restore strength to an injured area and can improve the mobility where range of motion has been restricted.

How Does SpiderTech Work?

How does it work? The tape, made with hypoallergenic acrylic glue, is manufactured to be the same weight, thickness and elasticity as the skin and is therefore able to integrate with the body's sensory system naturally. There are 3 possible categories of effect which have been identified depending on the method of application and the therapeutic outcome desired.

  • Structurally
    • Dynamically supports better postural positions.
    • Prevent harmful ranges of motion without a hard end feel.
    • Reduce strain on affected muscle.
  • Neurologically
    • Enhanced sensory stimulation leading to decreased perception of pain.
    • Restoration of normal muscle activation and function.
    • Reinforces the restoration of functional stability.
    • Promotes peripheral neuroplasticity.
    • Stimulation of the skin's endogenous analgesic system.
  • Microcirculatory
    • Wave pattern formation.
    • Superficial fascial thixotrophy.
    • Improved lymphatic flow.
    • Improved superficial microcirculatory flow.

SpiderTech Kinesiotaping on the ShoulderApplications can be used for:

*Improved athletic performance

*Muscle, Joint and Ligament Strains

*Swelling and Sprains

*Post-op Recovery

*Arthritis and Bursitis

*Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

*Disc Injuries


*Plantar Fascitis

*Tennis Elbow

*Shin Splints, Rotator Cuff Injuries and much more.

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