Physical Therapy in Crofton, MD

Finding Pain Relief After Injury

Located in Crofton, Effective Integrative Healthcare, LLC provides personalized physical therapy solutions for a variety of ailments. Our treatments and therapies use the latest techniques in injury care. We also offer healing for chronic conditions, including back and neck pain. In addition to our physical therapy services, patients often find healing for chronic conditions through our acupuncture and holistic healing services. Ask your therapist if acupuncture might complement your therapy regimen.

Our physical therapy services offer targeted healing for many ailments, including:

Progressive Healing Techniques

Our hands on healers are certified in active release techniques (A.R.T.), which help improve muscle mobility and circulation. In addition, our Crofton chiropractors and therapists custom design rehabilittion therapies that specifically cater to your healing goals. Begin your treatment by contacting us at (410) 451-4640.

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