Medical Pain Relief in Crofton, MD

It is the goal of our professionals to furnish our patients with a superior, state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation plan that incorporates an optimal mix of medical pain treatment and natural therapies. This enables us to alleviate pain, enhance the mobility and flexibility of the spine, and prolong healthiness over time.

At Effective Integrative Healthcare, we will assess you and formulate a unique plan for you, incorporating medical pain relief that utilizes natural and plant-based ingredients for the purpose of reducing pain and inflammation. In order to expedite the recuperation process so that we can proceed with spinal rehabilitation, we then utilize chiropractic and massage therapy. Lastly, we direct our attention to rebuilding worn out spinal muscles to improve durability in addition to continuing our efforts to reduce inflammation and pain.

By rehabilitating and strengthening the spine and improving its flexibility, we reduce pain and help you to recuperate faster. In addition, we provide instruction on exercises and therapies that can be performed at home to further expedite your recovery.

Some of our services include:

· Trigger Point injections . The medication used in the injections is a non-toxic, plant-based anti-inflammatory drug. This is the preferred medication in comparison to those used in other treatments, such as corticosteroids, which have the potential to wear out or impair bones, tendons or cartilage.

·Supartz injections for OA of the knee. This treatment method offer relief to those suffering from osteoarthritis without the need for surgery or drugs. This therapy reduces inflammation, alleviates pain, enhances mobility and restores the patient back to maximal activity levels. Supartz consists of extremely refined sodium hyaluronate, otherwise known as hyaluronic acid or hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is a natural material that can be traced in joint cartilage and in synovial fluid, which is found within the joints. In a healthy joint, hyaluronan absorbs shock and lubricates the joint. Our Supartz Knee Therapy is comprised of a series of painless injections. The extra lubrication and shock absorption furnished by the injections will alleviate pain and assists the patient in returning to a more normalized lifestyle.

·Large Joint Injections. These injections utilize Sarapin or Cortisone under guided ultrasound to reduce pain, inflammation and restore mobility.

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